Be cool going back to school!

Its that time of the year again that all kids dread…. Time to go back to school! While heading back to school means no more late nights turning into late mornings it dosent have to be all bad!

One of the most exciting parts of going back to school is getting to decorate your locker! Show off your own unique style and personality with the huge assortment of different wrapping paper available to you at 50-50 Factory Outlet!

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Here are some of my 4 favorite styles of the season! The zebra print is super cute and can be classic with the black or add a little style to it with the pink zebra print design! Easy to coordinate with black or white locker magnets!

Purchase pink zebra wrapping paper Here



This green striped wrapping paper is fun and unique and really will give your locker a summer vibe! Pick up a roll to decorate your locker Here! Lime green looks great with white or hot pink locker magnets and decorations to really show off your unique style!



One of the cutest gift wraps I’ve seen in our store recently is this funky chevron pattern! Its totally unique and a fun pattern to decorate your locker with! Grab a roll to decorate your locker with Here




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