Congrats Class of 2016

It’s been a long 12 years, but you are finally finished! With so much hard work completed it’s time for you to have a break and get ready to party! When I had my graduation party I had a hard time deciding what kind of food to serve…. I mean, come on! Foods the most important part! So after almost weeks of thinking i went with desserts! Who dosent love desserts? Now so many places carry different colored candies that its easy to grab a bunch of different kinds to make a candy bar at your graduation party! Add some fun decorations and you are all set to have the best food this year!


pt-193500!48Check out these graduation straws. These straws come in all school colors and will be perfect to put in your candy jars for a little bit of graduation decor on your candy buffet!

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pt-38-76!27 These cute graduation cap snack bowls are the perfect idea to set out on your tables and on the buffet. They some in all school colors and are a creative idea to keep trail mix and snacks.

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Color, color, and more color! your school colors might be boring, but your candy scoops don’t have to be! Pick from any color of the rainbow and make your graduation party pop a little!


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