Get ready for baby!

Whether you are a first time parent or a seasoned professional, expecting a child is an exciting thing! Lately the new trend involving baby showers has been a gender reveal party, and there’s a good reason for it! These new gender reveal parties are a fun and unique way to learn the sex of your baby and/or share with friends and family all at the same time! Now if you are deciding to do a gender reveal things can start to look daunting… Do you learn first and surprise all your guests? Do you have one parent learn and surprise you? Can you trust a complete stranger to be in charge of your surprise? The possibilities are endless, but no matter what you choose, you are sure to have a great time for you, your family and friends all celebrating your new coming bundle of joy! I’ve compiled a list of some great gender reveal themes, snacks and party favors i’ve found throughout the weeks that I thought were pretty neat!

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First off, slogans. Everyone has some cute unique saying for their party. What’s your going to be? Now don’t stress too much, no matter what your baby shower slogan is you’ll baby will love you just the same! Here are some popular and fun ones I came across this past week.


“He or she? What will it be?”

“Bow-tie or tutu?”

“Princess or Prince?”

“Blue or Pink? What do you think?”

“We will love you whether pink or blue”

“Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Boy or girl? No one knows!”


Boy or Girl box
This awesome box was brought into our store by a customer! the trusted us with their babies gender and we filled the box up with helium filled balloons that were to float out when they opened the box!

Another big part of a gender reveal party is getting the guests involved. The more involved you get people with guessing the baby’s gender, the more fun you will have! So go out and grab some blue and pink items. Necklaces, bow ties, or buy some ribbon to make pins! Have your guests decide what they think the gender is and wear that matching color! We’ve seen lots of creative ideas like this throughout the baby showers that come through. Something unique I thought would be fun would be to use lays and throw a luau themed shower! Have your guests pick either pink or blue to wear for the party!


The Big Reveal:

There are tons of ideas out there on how to reveal the gender of your baby, and i’ve come up with some fun ones I really enjoy.

  • My first favorite is the scratch off card. From you can order custom baby scratch offs in many different patters to reveal if your baby will be a boy or a girl! This is also a great idea if you have lots of out of town family who you want to surprise you can send these nifty little lottery cards out in the mail and let everyone in on the fun!
  • Another great idea is filling a box with balloons (pink or blue) and opening it in front of all your guests! This is a super fun way to let everyone know the sex of your baby!
  • Gender reveal pinata! Who dosent love a good pinata? We here at 50-50 Factory Outlet has an awesome gender reveal pinata that you can fill with either pink or blue party favors and candies for your guests!

pinata gender reveal final image


Don’t forget the matching invitations and thank yous! The perfect way to invite and thank your guests for sharing this special moment with you!

thank yous invitesw



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