Last minute DIY gift idea

So we all know the day is quickly approaching and whether you are a major procrastinator or just recently found someone you love, we have a simply and easy DIY Valentines craft for you! This only takes a few minutes and a bit of patience and you have the perfect, from the heart, gift for your special someone!

All you need are a few simple things:

– 1 white crayon (I used yellow)

– A dark color nail polish

– 1 printed out lottery sheet (Provided at the end of the blog)


Now you are all ready to create your Valentine’s Day gift! Start by printing off the lottery sheet that’s attached below in the blog


Next decide what you want your sweet heart to win. Dinner on you? Foot massage? Go to see a movie? Whatever you decide write that in two different hearts. All the other hearts fill in with similar ideas, but only once or else they will win more than one gift!


After this comes the patience parts….you need to color in every heart fully with crayon! Make sure every part is covered!


After the crayon has been covered over all the hearts you can start applying nail polish. It dosent have to be perfect, but make sure you cover up all the writing so your special someone doesn’t see what’s underneath! Once the hearts are covered in nail polish give them a few hours to dry. I know it can seem like a while and if you are in a hurry, feel free to use a fan or hair dryer! Should only take a few minutes.

12715707_10154602105779816_6345433658956896944_nThe last step is the best! Hand over your homemade lottery ticket to your loved one and let them scratch off the hearts! They will love the thoughtful prize as well as you taking the time to make something from the heart!


All of us here at 50-50 Factory Outlet hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

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