The secret life of the Party Pups!

We’ve all seen one thing or another for the new Disney movie ‘The secret life of Pets’. How could you not be scrambling to the box office to see the secret lives pets live when we aren’t at home? The only thing that could be better then watching such an awesome movie would be to have a puppy party! Thats right, puppies celebrating your birthday! What could beat that?

I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I could pass up a party with an invitation like this!

FINAL plates and decorations party pups



Throwing a party pup party has never been easier! With plates, napkins, cups, and tons of decorations and extras, you can find everything you need at 50-50 Factory Outlet to get your puppy party going!





FINAL balloons and colors party pups



Once you have your main party supplies picked out, grab some balloons! We have some great latex balloons with fun paw prints on them, and also a jumbo mylar puppy head! I got creative and used the puppy pinata as a base for my balloon bouquet. This makes a really great centerpiece that the special birthday boy or girl can keep when the party’s over!






Don’t forget about cake! The pups and kids alike will all love your cake once it decorated in these fun party pup candles! What a special way to decorate the birthday cake.




hats 1


Whats a birthday party without a craft or two? Try these fun and easy party pup ice cream cone balloons. Its as simple as blowing up a couple of balloons (I though the polka-dot balloons matched the paw pattern, but solid colors would work just as well) and attaching a party pups cone hat to the bottom! These would also make a fun and inexpensive decorations at your birthday party!





My puppy loved our puppy party! Share with us how much your pet enjoyed your awesome Puppy Party!