World Nutella Day

You all know the stuff…. that weird brown peanut butter that tastes like heaven. Nutella has become a favorite across the globe over the past few years and we just can’t get enough of the stuff! Today, February 5th, is world Nutella day, as if you needed any other reason to grab your jar and start eating it with a spoon! If you aren’t one to simply eat the stuff plain, I have a few different food and gift ideas for you to utilize the sweet hazelnut spread!

Nutella balloons final

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    • People love Valentine’s Day and people also love nutella…. so why not give them both? The heavy nutella jar makes for a great base for a bouquet of heart balloons! This is the perfect mix for Valentine’s Day incorporating chocolate and hearts into one super awesome gift that anyone will love!



in bag


  • A great way to utilize Nutella is by spooning it into a plastic bag! Simply fill the bag, knead it around a little (to make it soft) and cut a small hole in the tip! You now have a makeshift frosting bag that you can use to decorate virtually any food with the chocolatey goodness of Nutella!




  • Check out these delicious looking mini Nutella doughnuts! Not everyone’s a wiz in the kitchen, so you can improvise by simply buying a package of mini doughnuts or doughnut holes from your local grocery store. Utilize the bag trick mentioned above to glaze the doughnuts with a delectable Nutella drizzle! Add some honey or syrup and you have the perfect breakfast!



toaster strudel


  • Tired of the same old toaster strudel every morning? Sure we all love to add out own design with frosting to the warm puss pastry, but its time to mix things up. Skip the white frosting packet and grab your baggie of Nutella! A true game changer, you can now cover your pastry with globs of the good stuff (and also have some extra frosting to snack on later!).